About Us.


Welcome to Nikhoj.com, the largest and most comprehensive website devoted exclusively to the recovery of pets and personal property. Our sole purpose is to reunite lost and found pets and property to their respective owners using the dynamic communication channels provided by the Internet. What could be more satisfying than returning the family dog or engagement ring to their respective owners?


Nikhoj.com offers visitors a convenient, one-stop source for the exchange of lost and found information including the most comprehensive online database of lost and found pet and property listings, photos, resources, advice, and support tools, on the internet. Nikhoj.com offers this information on a local, national and international basis. It features a variety of categories and services that aim to provide users with the necessary tools (some of which are uniquely suited to the Internet) for the effective communication of lost and found information

How It Works

Like most online databases, users select to enter data using the report buttons or search for data using the home page search fields. Data retrieved from searches (either lost or found) provides a contact conduit for the user to connect with the counter party. Listings on Nikhoj.com can be accessed one of two ways: either by a main database search through the home page dropdown (I Lost… or I Found…) OR via a venue page search from the home page.

The Venue Page System (VPS)

The Venue Page System (VPS) puts your lost and found box online, interactively. It provides the capacity on Nikhoj.com for individual entities at specific locations to create a public, front end page, called the Venue Page, which allows their users to search or report lost or found information; while allowing organizations to manage this information through a back end, called the Venue Admin Page. Venues are accessed through a home page search field, or via direct navigation.

The Venue Page

The Venue Page provides the organization a unique URL (www.Nikhoj.com/yourfirmname), a page with their name and address, a map, a search field to search specific listings for that location, and report buttons to submit lost or found reports for that location. Additionally, the venue page provides all of the same premium services as the general database. For more information about the Venue Page, please see www.Nikhoj.com/venuepage

The Venue Admin Page

The Venue Admin Page provides the back end of the Venue Page. Its purpose is to service your patrons reporting, listings, and claims information provided on the Venue Page. The Venue Admin page provides organizations a found accounting and inventory management system with a myriad of functionality. Using the Venue Admin Page, organizations can age found inventory until it reaches an expired status (based on local ordinances), donate, discard, or sell expired inventory, alert employees and followers of lost and found reports or inventory, invoice and ship found inventory through a claims management process, or return claimed items in person. For more information about the Venue Admin Page, please see www.Nikhoj.com/venueadminpage

API and API Platforms

Nikhoj.com can provide its Core Pages, Venue Page and Venue Admin Page services to third party platforms, and mobile applications. Developers interested in using some or all of Nikhoj.com’s functionality can pick up our APIs at https://Nikhoj.com/developers. Developers that are interested in a quick solution for integrating Nikhoj.com functionality into their mobile app, please consider using our Mobile App Packages solution. These “API Packages” are prebuilt pages of the Nikhoj.com Mobile App that you can readily insert into your app code and quickly give your app the Nikhoj.com functionality that you desire. API packages can be found at https://Nikhoj.com/platformapipackages. Mobile Developers looking for the same prebuilt packages can find them at https://Nikhoj.com/mobileapipackages.

Third Party Device Integration Software: The Nikhoj.com Device Remigrator™ (Developers)

Nikhoj.com recognizes the growth and development of personal electronic devices like smartwatches, and activity trackers. In addition, IoT (Internet of Things) is producing new mobile products like drones, robots, remotes, and more! In light of this, we have developed the Nikhoj.com Device Remigrator™ software to provide our services for these devices and more to come. Simply sign up your device using our Device Remigrator™ software, and it will appear in our My Devices tab in the My Account area.

Premium Services

Owners entering a lost listing into the database are provided a myriad of unique, online value added recovery services. These services are designed to enhance their listing on our platform, or distribute their listing onto other platforms for maximum exposure. These services include:

Reward Incentive

Nikhoj.com believes that providing an incentive by offering a reward for lost pets or property is an important instrument for recovery. Particularly today, when one can measure the value of lost data as greater than the economic value of the device that contains it, a reward can be the paramount motive for recovery. Not to mention the sentimental value of a lost pet! Nikhoj.com provides consumers with the ability to put a reward icon on the results page, and provides the reward amount on the ad details page. The consumer is responsible for the reward.

Email Matching Service

Nikhoj.com offers a matching service that "matches" the owner's lost database ad with information entered into our found database by other users. Closely relevant results are sent by email to the owner, who can view the found ad to determine its pertinence. Matches are made by venue or by geographic area (great for lost pets).

Neighborhood Alerts

Nikhoj.com provides owners the ability to send their listing via email to their neighbors as a “Neighborhood Alert”. Particularly applicable to pets, this service is an efficient way to create awareness of your loss quickly.

Mobile Alerts

Nikhoj.com can send its mobile app users a special “Amber Alert”. This Alert can be sent within a radius surrounding the specified area of a loss for a period of up to an hour or longer. Any Nikhoj.com Mobile App users within the radius will receive information about the Owner’s Listing. They can elect to assist or create awareness in the area for the recovery of the lost pet or item.

Social Media Blast

Nikhoj.com listings can be sent to other social media platforms to heighten awareness. These entries provide a hyperlink to bring any third party platform user back to original listing’s information on Nikhoj.com. Found listings are sent to other platforms for free.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In terms of identifying a pet or piece of property, a photograph provides essential information that words cannot convey. Consumers can upload a photo for use with their ad on the Ad Detail Page, the Ad Results Page, or as a "Featured Ad". (see below)

Highlighting and Bolding

Consumers can highlight or bold their lost ad on the Results Page to make their ad stand out.

Featured Ad Listings

Consumers can have their lost ad placed at the top of the Results Page for all local search queries.

Featured Ad Homepage

Consumers can have their lost ad rotate on the front page for maximum exposure. When clicked, Featured Homepage Ads will direct the viewer to the lost ad's Detail Page.

The Nikhoj.com Mobile App

Nikhoj.com provides a mobile application for its users on IOS and Android. Our mobile app provides the same functionality and services as the website, plus personal recovery services for the device and other devices as well [see PSP Module]. Use the mobile app to recover your mobile device when lost, or use it to interact with your Nikhoj.com Venue Page. Using the mobile app, employees can efficiently upload real time information to their venue page and send out or receive ALERTS for lost and found reports. The mobile app delivers the perfect platform to operate with the Venue Admin Page, as it provides UPC identification to instantly ID found property inventory. Personal functionality includes mobile device recovery (mapping, gps locating, and sensory alarms) as well as PIN (pinning a loss event on a map), radial alerts, and more! Check it out at www.Nikhoj.com/app

The PSP Module with Device Detector

The Nikhoj.com Mobile App offers users a premium service package (PSP) for its mobile app users. Services like automated last known location (LKL) based on battery levels, multiple mapping scenerios, text alerts for battery warnings, and sharing location info with a friend, are just some of the services available for PSP users. Use the Device Detector to hunt down your device with using a friend’s phone. For more information about the Nikhoj.com Mobile App Premium Services Package (PSP), please see [PSP]

My Account

Individuals are encouraged to open an account on Nikhoj.com which provides its users: A list of their lost or found pet(s) or item(s) submitted to the database Access to manage a venue page (if elected) A Message Center to receive inquiries regarding their listings A My Devices Center to manage and track personal electronic devices. A My Registry area to store personal property information and allow for reporting and monitoring for recovery in the event of loss. A My ID Returns area that creates a personally identifiable number that will directly connect, via our unique web address (www.Nikhoj.com/id) any finder of lost property with the owner of said number.

Partnership Opportunities

We are always looking to expand our reach.Please contact us at bizdev@Nikhoj.com to inquire about partnership opportunities.


For press inquiries please contact us at press@Nikhoj.com or check out our press page and press kit at www.Nikhoj.com/press For more information about Nikhoj.com and its services, please see the User Agreement.